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In 9mm versus 45 ACP: % of hits that were fatal - 24% versus 29% Average number of rounds until incapacitation - 2.45 versus 2.08 One-shot-stop % - 34% versus 39% % actually incapacitated by one shot (torso or head hit) - 47% versus 51% So the .45 ACP has only 5% more one-shot stop and only 4% more incapacitation rate, and is 5% more fatal per ...

Dec 26, 2006 · I'm a die-hard .45 ACP guy with a pistol, and that with a 1911. I used to make fun of the 9mm years ago, but now I carry a Hi-Power crunchenticker 2/3 of the time. Bullets made all the difference to me, and now I have confidence in the sissy-pistol round. Out of my UZI carbine, I'm getting 250 fps over what I get from my HP.
9mm Vs 45 Acp Debate Settled Pew Pew Tactical And Ching Specialty Slings Ching Specialty Brownells Se BY 9mm Vs 45 Acp Debate Settled Pew Pew Tactical And Ching Specialty Slings Ching Specialty Brownells Se in Articles  9mm Vs 45 Acp Debate Settled Pew Pew Tactical And Ching Specialty Slings Ching Specialty Brownells Se Reviews & Suggestion
Hands down, the 5.56mm. The .45acp is old school. It relies on the tried and true formula of a large cartridge at a slow speed. It punches a large hole as deep as it can. It relies, in the FMJ version, on the bullet turning end of end in the body ...
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Apr 27, 2018 · For the purpose of this article, the 9mm NATO M882 is the ‘winner’ by a 2.03% margin. In the next article, .45ACP vs. 9mm: Part II, the .45ACP and 9mm cartridges will be examined from the standpoint of how the use of expanding designs effects their respective lethality ratings.
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  • Nov 18, 2018 · If the version in .45 ACP does not fit your fancy, it is also available as a 7+1 round light-weight Officer’s version in 9mm (Model 6758). But, for my money, if I am only able to carry 7+1 cartridges in my pistol (or even less, as with the Springfield Range Officer Compact), I want them big.
  • May 23, 2019 · The USP finished development in 1993 and the 9mm and .40 caliber versions were released to the public in 1994. The .45 ACP followed suit in 1995, and the Compact models in all three of those calibers as well as .357 SIG was released in 1996 and afterward.
  • So the .380 ACP has the same diameter (9mm) as the 9mm round, but is in a shorter case. .380 is also known as “9mm Browning”, “9mm Corto”, or “9mm Short”. 9mm is made to operate at pressures of 35,000 PSI (or 38,500 PSI if using 9mm +P). .380 ACP operates at a maximum average pressure of just 21,500 PSI.
  • More successful guns include the 9mm or .44 magnums, which can hurt or kill a bear in case it charges at you. You CAN use the .45 ACP as a backup, but it’s best to equip yourself with stronger weapons. Go for a .44 Magnum, Glock 17 9mm, or a .357 Mag, which offers a powerful punch and can penetrate through the layers of thick fur and skin.
  • It's the radius squared. So, if you take your .45, your .451, and your 9mm as your .355, take half that, the radius, square that, and what you'll find is that the volume, or the area, of damaged tissue made by the .45 is about 60 percent more than made by the 9mm." 9mm vs .40 vs .45: Wound Placement

While the 9mm is very inexpensive, the .45 is prohibitively expensive and neither are used by most police forces in the US. The preferred round as of today is the .40 caliper. It has the drill press speed of the 9mm and nearly the knock down power of the .45. 9mm 40 ACP 45 ACP Grain 115-147 135-180 68-255

The hollow point is the only bullet people with half a brain carry for self defense, and this is because of the fact that it expands and creates more damage. The Federal HST JHP 180gr is not the most expensive 40 cal bullet, in fact I purchased several boxes for $16.95 each and did so not because they were the best and most expensive, but ...
Aug 25, 2018 · 9mm c1 bi. mpx dl. m12 sr. mp5sd rc. pdw9 vs. vector .45 acp vs. t-5 smg ... Apr 03, 2020 · The 9mm is going to be easier to shoot – plain and simple. While both are going to give off recoil, the 10mm is going to be more noticeable. The recoil comes from the 10mms muzzle energy, and because the 10mm is a larger caliber, there’s going to be a bigger exit hole on targets.

ETS Glock 21 .45 ACP 30-Round Magazine (49) Sale $21.99 ... ETS Glock 9mm, 170mm Competition Mag 27-Round Magazine (102) Sale $19.99 ...

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differently to being shot. IME, there simply is no set, guaranteed uniformity of damage, or absolute killing potential. Many things are likely to work better, statistically, but there simply are no complete certainties. 9MM vs 45ACP, IMO, it all boils down to "What's working best, for YOU?".